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In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions made by our clients. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will reach you back as soon as possible.


You can process some of the services on your own with no charges since, as you already know, they are free of charge. Our fees are based on the time you save avoiding queues, looking for information about the different processes, filling in those confusing forms or struggling with agents from different services companies.

If you can master all these procedures, send us your CV! We would love working with you! 🙂

Although some of these procedures have a fixed price, bear in mind that TramiDocs is an international management platform. This means that the cost of some procedures may vary depending on the region.

Our range of prices in the most common procedures varies from €15 to €125, depending on its complexity and the country where the process has to be carried out.

Puedes comprobar nuestro listado general de gestiones y trámites aquí.

Anyway, if you do not happen to find the one you are looking for, you can leave us a comment with your specific case in this same webpage.

Yes. You just have to keep in mind that different procedures may require different documentation. If this is the case, fill in the following form with your information and list all the different processes you need us to carry out for you. As soon as we receive them, an agent will reach you back in less than 24 working hours to get the processes started.

TramiDocs complies with the Data Protection Law and only uses your personal documentation for processing purposes only. All the procedures are private and confidential. Our services are subject to the Data Protection Law and the EU Legislation on Data Protection and privacy in all the European and International space.

After carrying out the procedure, you will get a copy of all the provided documentation. Once the processing is ready, all the data will be erased except for your client information. You can check the information we keep in our Terms & Conditions link. 

Each one of the processes has its own terms and periods. We cannot set a general due date but based on our experience our agents will tell you an estimated timeframe for your case. All the procedures are usually issued in no more than 3 weeks, although most of them are resolved much earlier.

In our webpage you will find many details related to the different steps our agents follow.

In case you need a more detailed follow-up of a specific procedure, you just have to point it out in the application form and your agent will keep you posted about all the details and the procedure status.

You will get an email with a tracking number so you are able to ask us for information anytime you want to.

We always adjust to the established time or to any deadline in case there is one. Before getting started with the process, we will analyze if we consider it convenient to carry out any extra procedure such as asking for a deferment or issuing the case as urgent.

It’s very easy. You just need to fill in a form with some information and tell us which service you wish to get processed by us.  Click here and start the procedure.

Aunque no es algo que suela pasar siempre hay una parte de circunstancias que escapan a nuestro control, si eso ocurre te trataremos con respeto y actuaremos según nuestra política de devolución recogida en los Términos y Condiciones.

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